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Who do we mean when we say 'family' - and what is the purpose of family?


Who are we – merely physical beings or are we spiritual beings on an earthly journey?
And what difference does this make to our children and our families?


What is meant by 'unconditional love' and is it realistically possible?


What does life look like from the child's perspective?
And if we could appreciate their perspective how would that help to create happier homes?


How do family members affect one another?
Is a family a system, like those desk games where one ball hits the next and creates an on-going knock-on movement?
If so, what does this mean for us as parents and carers?


When is our child's need a legitimate need or just a 'want'?
Is it possible to respond to every family member's deepest needs, (including our own!!)?


Why is our society and our world in such a precarious state?
Is the family the micro-eco system of society and is it possible that individual families can positively impact the world environment?


Where do we start if we choose to move from reacting when our children 'don't behave'
- to 'conscious', proactive parenting to nurture the unique and wonderful 'be-ing' of each child?


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PACER supports parents to create happy, emotionally healthy families.